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Great New Tool That May Save TOO Much Time

This Tool is so Good, It Cuts My Billable Hours I am in the middle of a real moral quandary. I have just come across a great time-saving tool. I don’t now how old it is, but it is new to me. It is Sprout Social “Landscape” tool. You’ll notice the image I’ve chosen for this post, a guide for all the many image sizes related to all the different social media platforms. The big problem is…they keep changing. And it isn’t just trying to keep your brand consistent on all of them, which again, is a pain in...

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The ABCs of SEO

Maximize Your Site’s Search Engine Performance Someone once asked me, how much will it cost to fix my SEO problems with my website. I remembered an old joke back in the 1990s about how much memory you should have for your computer and the answer was “how much can you afford?” In other words, if you have the money…invest the money. SEO is kind of like that, because there’s no magic wand. It is an ongoing battle between you and your competitors. Once you stopped working on it, you lose ground. The reality is, if you don’t want to...

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How to Write Great Schema Markup to Optimize Your Website

Use to Improve Your SEO and Capitalize on the Misfortune of Others According to all the trial and error testing being conducted by SEO marketers and consulting companies, Schema Structured Markup is vital for any company. However, recent data shows that over 50% of Fortune 500 companies do not use it. Their loss should be your SEO gain. In this post, I’ll walk you through some of the best practices for adding structured markup. We’ll discuss: which format to use, what information to provide why you provide that information, and finally, some tips and tricks to put you...

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